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Blood Alcohol Limit in Slovenia – An Overview of all the Details 

Every year, numerous European holidaymakers with cars are drawn to Slovenia. This small country in Europe is close to many other countries, making Slovenia easily accessible by car.

However, it’s important to be aware that different traffic rules often apply when you drive abroad. For example, there may be differences in speed limits or alcohol limits. So, be sure to find out about all road traffic regulations in advance.

Blood alcohol limits: How much alcohol are you allowed to drink when driving in Slovenia?

Slovenia has a blood alcohol limit of 0.5 per mille.

Zero-alcohol level for novice drivers

However, there are exceptions for professional drivers and novice drivers (under 21 years of age or with less than 2 years of driving experience). These drivers are liable for prosecution for anything beyond a zero-alcohol level. In this case, even half a glass of wine is not advisable, because this alone can exceed the valid limit.

So, it's better to avoid possible trouble with the police right from the start and pay attention to how much you drink. Professional drivers and novice drivers should refrain from all alcoholic beverages while driving because alcohol is completely prohibited for them.

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Fines: What fines or sanctions could you face?

In Slovenia, there can be severe fines for disrespecting the regulations on blood alcohol limits. According to the official catalogue of fines, violations can result in penalties between 300 and 1,200 EUR if you exceed the valid alcohol limit and are caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Surprisingly the fine for not having a valid vignette starts at 300 EUR as well.

At what point will you be prohibited to continue driving?

With a blood alcohol level of 1.1 per mille or more, you might be prohibited to drive at all, and travellers must then abandon their vehicles. This can quickly turn your holiday into a catastrophe, so be sure to adhere to the valid blood alcohol limit in Slovenia.

Consequences: Will violations be enforced back home?

Like all EU countries, Slovenia has an enforcement agreement with its neighbours. Fines can therefore be enforced even when you have returned to your home country.

There is a so-called de minimis limit, which amounts to 70 EUR. However, since drinking and driving are always punishable by a fine of at least 300 EUR, the fine will always be enforced.

Does it also apply back home if you are prohibited to drive in Slovenia?

If you are prohibited to drive in Slovenia, you can still drive in your home country as the ban is not enforced there. So, your driving license is not in danger when you return home.

The German ADAC provides a practical guide with further information on Slovenia, which explains details on topics like tolls, motorways, and expressways.


What is the blood alcohol limit in Slovenia?

The rules on drinking and driving are clearly defined in Slovenia. Anyone driving on Slovenian roads is allowed to have a maximum of 0.5 per mille of alcohol in their blood.


What is the alcohol limit for novice drivers?

Novice drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol when driving in Slovenia. The zero-alcohol level applies to them.


Do I have to pay a fine received in Slovenia when I get home?

There is an enforcement agreement between all EU countries and Slovenia. Fines that are higher than 70 Euros must therefore be paid, even if you have already returned to your home country.


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