With us, you can buy your digital vignette, the “e-vinjeta”, for Slovenia online. We guarantee you a safe journey on the roads of Slovenia, be it by car or motor home, regardless of whether you’re travelling for a holiday or simply passing through.

With just one click and a few details, you can easily get your e-vignette and drive worry-free on Slovenian roads. So what are you waiting for? Simply select the desired length of your stay online and your digital vignette will be immediately added to your shopping cart, without any need for registration.

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Here you’ll find the most recent information and tips as well as answers to frequently asked questions. We make choosing the most suitable vignette Slovenia for you really easy.

Vignette Purchase

If you register with us, you can view your Vignette purchase history and invoices within your profile for easy, fast referencing and accounting.

Tolls in Slovenia

In Slovenia, as in other EU countries, vignettes are compulsory. Due to recent modernisation efforts, Slovenia now only uses an electronic vignette system. The traditional adhesive vignette on the windscreen is being phased out. This transition away from the adhesive vignette has advantages. The digital system offers holidaymakers a simpler and less complicated alternative.

E Vignette Slovenia—only online purchases are possible as of 2024

In the past, you’ve probably always stopped off at Dars sales points or petrol stations before the border to buy your vignette for Slovenia. Thanks to digitalisation, this is now only possible through online shops.

On our website, we enable customers to start their holiday safely or get help directly. Everything you need to know about e-vignettes for Slovenia can be found here.

If you, as a motorist, decide to purchase the vignette for Slovenia via our portal, you can drive directly on the freeways and expressways in Slovenia. Your e-vignette is linked to the registration number of your vehicle.

Digital vignette for Slovenia—buy with just a few clicks

As mentioned before, a great advantage of our portal is that there is no waiting time—the validity period for e-vignettes for motor vehicles starts immediately. Using the digital motorway vignette works without any problems.

Where to buy e-vignettes for Slovenia?

You will find that the purchase and activation of your official “e-vinjeta” can be completed quickly and easily. At the top of our page, select your desired period of validity (from the 7-day vignette to the annual vignette) to obtain your digital vignette. To complete the purchase on our website, you only need to fill in a few fields in the form:

  • Country of registration of the vehicle
  • License plate number of your motorbike or car
  • The correct toll class for your vehicle (motorhomes included)
  • First and last name
  • Current e-mail address
  • Means of payment (credit card, PayPal, Klarna, SEPA direct debit, etc.)

As soon as we have received all the information, we will confirm your registration by e-mail. If desired, or if you have limited access to your e-mail inbox, we will be happy to send you the confirmation by SMS.

Buy a vignette for Slovenia 

Are you just passing through or planning to spend a few weeks in the country? On the following website, you can purchase a 7-day vignette, 1-month vignette or an annual vignette for all motor vehicles. It is also possible to purchase 6-month vignettes for motorbikes. The order is valid up to 30 days in advance.

Please note the following when ordering, depending on the date of purchase:

  • Annual vignettes are valid for one year from the date requested
  • 1-month vignettes are valid from the start of the validity period until the same day of the following month
  • 7-day vignettes are valid for 7 days from the start of validity

Important: Be sure to carry your proof of purchase or a copy of your invoice for the vignette with you. During police checks, this will be required as proof of proper purchase and validity. If you cannot produce it, you will be fined by DARS.

The use of freeways and expressways, which is managed by the motorway operating company DARS, is subject to tolls. On the A1, A2 and A5 motorways, as well as on the H2, H3 and H4 motorways, vignettes are compulsory. This is also the case on the slip road, e.g., at the roundabout in Maribor. The extension of the toll is being planned.
If you do not want to pay a toll for your car, it is possible to use rural roads. This requires appropriate planning in advance. You should also allow more time and be patient, as you will have to drive through many small towns. Driving on the above-mentioned freeways and expressways without paying for a vignette is punishable by heavy fines. If you want to save yourself this fine as a motorist, simply buy the Slovenian vignette, whether you’re a holidaymaker or commuter.
If you start your journey from Austria and plan to take routes such as the Karawanken tunnel into Slovenia, you will have to pay additional tolls for this vignette section. Attention: Once you are in the tunnel with your vehicle from the Austrian side, you no longer have the option of avoiding the Slovenian motorway.
The e-vignette for Slovenia is compulsory for all motorbikes, motor vehicles and campers. The toll is divided into three toll classes, depending on the type of vehicle. The total weight and height of the vehicle are decisive for the price classification. To avoid fines, you can read about the controls in Slovenia on the following page. In the following sections, we present information on the vehicle categories, as well as their prices.

The first toll category only includes motorbikes. A motorbike with a track width of more than 50 cm must purchase a passenger car vignette.

Toll category 2A is defined as passenger cars with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes and a height of up to 1.3 metres. Vehicles and trailers with a front axle higher than 1.3 metres are assigned to toll class 2B. These are mainly vans and delivery trucks. No further toll charges apply to trailers.

Motorhomes weighing up to 3.5 tonnes—regardless of the height of the front axle—are also assigned to toll class 2A. However, if motorhomes exceed the gross vehicle weight rating, no toll sticker is required, instead you need to pay toll. For vehicles and motorhomes weighing more than 3.5 tonnes (this can include large cars), route-dependent tolls are charged. For this, a registration must be completed and the vehicle must be equipped with a DarsGo unit.
When you buy an e-vignette, the price you pay depends on the vehicle category and the period of validity. Weekly vignettes are particularly popular, but monthly and annual vignettes are also available.
You will find a comprehensive overview of the costs for the e-vignette for Slovenia in the table below. First, identify the right toll class for your vehicle. Then select your preferred validity period for the vignette before you complete your purchase. 

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