Border crossings Slovenia - Austria by car

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The west of Slovenia borders the Alpine country of Austria. Slovenia’s location is one of the reasons why many holidaymakers decide to drive to Croatia via Austria.

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In the following article, we will take a closer look at the border between the two countries and explain which crossings can be used by holidaymakers and commuters. We will also inform you about how to avoid traffic jams and what you need to bear in mind when entering Slovenia or returning to Austria.

Border crossings Austria Slovenia at a glance: Map

The national border between Austria and Slovenia is approximately 330 kilometres long. The border takes its course in the Lavanttal Alps and stretches across the Karawanken to the Bacher Mountains.

The border between Slovenia and Austria offers travellers a variety of options for crossing. To decide which spot is best, you need to ask yourself in advance: Where will your trip start? Where will your trip end? Where and when might you encounter waiting times and traffic jams at the border? Where can you expect controls?

By looking at the map below, you can see which Austrian regions Slovenia borders. Once you have decided which places you would like to visit, you can narrow down your choices and determine the route. The following map shows an overview of the course of the border.

By looking at the following map you can see which Austrian regions Slovenia borders.

Border crossings between Slovenia and Austria

We will begin with information on the border crossings in the Lavanttal Alps. Then we will look at the Karawanken and Bacher Mountains and end the overview in the border triangle.

There are a total of 20 border crossings that are relevant for tourism and the rest of the border traffic. We will describe a small selection in more detail.

Lavanttal Alps

In the province of Styria in the Lavanttal Alps, there are up to eight border crossings. The most popular border crossing is probably Spielfeld via the A9, the Pyhrn motorway or the Grazer Straße to Šentilj. Another alternative is the Radlpass via the E76 to Radlje ob Dravi.

Austria's border triangle

In Austria’s border triangle, there is also a selection of border crossings to choose from. Probably the best-known border crossing is at the Wurzenpass Dreiländereck/Monte Forno/Peč Grenzstein, which leads to Podkoren via the Wurzenpass Straße E109.

Another well-known border crossing and a good alternative is the Loibl tunnel with its two obelisks on the Loiblpass Straße to Tržič.

Probably the best-known border crossing is at the Wurzenpass Dreiländereck/Monte Forno/Peč Grenzstein, which leads to Podkoren via the Wurzenpass Straße E109.

Border crossing Slovenia Austria currently

Entry requirements can change at any time from country to country. Therefore, it is important to check the current requirements before travelling. Due to the Schengen Agreement, EU citizens can enter Austria with a valid passport or identity card without any problems.

The Covid-19 pandemic has largely eased, which is why most entry restrictions have been lifted. There are no specific requirements for entry from Slovenia to Austria nor for the return journey.

Although there is no longer any talk of a pandemic, you should enquire about entry regulations before you travel. You can check the entry restrictions on the embassy’s website. That way you will avoid taking any risks and be well-prepared for your trip.

Which border crossings from Austria to Slovenia are open?

Crossing the border between Austria and Slovenia is now possible again, as it was before the pandemic, via all border crossings. Even the smaller border crossings are passable again.

Border controls

The two countries are part of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement, which is why border controls are not usually carried out. However, border controls were still being carried out, especially when leaving Slovenia.

The controls were carried out by the Federal Police. The reason was that Croatia was not part of the Schengen Agreement. In 2023 Croatia joined the Schengen Agreement, which is why the Slovenian embassy no longer considers the controls necessary. A final decision has not yet been announced, which is why you should be careful when travelling back.

The two countries are part of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement, which is why border controls are usually not carried out.

Border crossing Austria Slovenia live

When going on holiday, you must expect longer waiting times, especially on weekends or during holidays. That's why it's a good idea to check the information online before you

start your journey. You can also listen to the news on the radio during your trip to adjust to possible traffic jams in good time.

Border crossing Austria Slovenia webcam

To check the information in advance, we recommend, for example, the website of the Austrian infrastructure company ASFINAG. They keep you up to date about the current situation at various border crossings.

As illustrated, there are several border crossings, most of which are not too far apart. This means you can still change travel plans in time and choose an alternative route.


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