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Driving Ban for Trucks in Slovenia

Driving bans for trucks are common in many countries, including Slovenia. It is an important country for transit, connecting the Balkans with the northern regions of Europe.

However, as in many other European countries, there are certain times when driving bans for trucks apply. That is why you should enquire about all valid regulations in advance.



Driving ban for trucks in Slovenia: what are the general rules?

In general, there are driving bans on certain routes on all Sundays and public holidays for trucks and vehicle combinations with a gross vehicle weight of over 7.5 tons. This affects the popular G1-6 (Jelšane towards Postojna) and G1-7 (Starod to Kozina) between 08:00 and 21:00. The driving bans for trucks are valid in both directions and should be considered early on when planning your route.

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Driving ban on certain routes over 7.5 t

During the summer months, there are additional restrictions that can make driving on weekends even more difficult. Between the end of June and the beginning of September, there is also a driving ban in place. It applies to trucks and vehicles, such as special transports, over 7.5 t on certain sections on Saturdays from 08:00 to 13:00.

Through this ban, the Ljubljana-based government hopes to ease congestion on the roads, especially during the tourist season. An alternative for transit traffic are the A1, A2, A4, and A5 motorways, on which trucks are not banned at any time.

Whether you have a tollbox or a valid e vignette for Slovenia, you need to follow the driving ban rules.

Exceptions for sections on Sundays and public holidays

However, there are exceptions on certain sections, which may deviate from the above-mentioned rules. Stricter rules apply to the routes Ljubljana - Koper - border Croatia and Postojna - Rijeka:

  • Saturdays: no travel between 06:00 and 16:00
  • Sundays and public holidays: no travel between 08:00 and 24:00

However, traffic between Italy and Croatia is less restricted. Trucks and vehicles coming from Italy and bringing goods to Slovenia are allowed to drive on Sundays. The same applies to trips to and from Croatia.

Another exception applies during difficult weather conditions. For example, if there is a lot of wind on the route. However, special rules apply in these cases, which are communicated ahead of time by traffic signs or via the media. As a rule, this information is without guarantee because the weather can change quickly.

Tolls and speed limits in Slovenia

Tolls are compulsory in Slovenia, so it is a good idea to prepare well in advance. As a car driver, you must buy a vignette in Slovenia, which guarantees a trouble-free trip on all motorways and expressways.

Also, pay attention to the speed limits in Slovenia because, in many cases, the maximum speed in Slovenia will be different to your home country. If you follow the links, you will find more helpful information and tips about driving a car or truck in Slovenia.



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