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Driving in Slovenia: What is the Speed Limit?

When driving in other countries, a road user is expected to abide by the regulations that apply there. This also applies to the speed limit in Slovenia. Fines are imposed for non-compliance.

Does Slovenia have a speed limit? What is the speed limit on Slovenia's motorways? What sanction awaits travellers and motor vehicle drivers according to the catalogue of fines? Get all the answers and more in this article.


Speed limits in Slovenia: How fast can you drive a car?

Within towns

Unless the roadside traffic signs indicate otherwise, the general traffic regulations apply.

In Slovenia, the maximum speed limit within a town is 50 km/h. These regulations apply to all vehicles.

Speed limits in Slovenia: Outside towns

Speed limits in Slovenia also depend on the type of vehicle you are driving and the type of road. For example, if you are driving on rural roads, the maximum speed for motorcycles and passenger cars is 90 km/h.

This rule also applies to anyone travelling with a motorhome weighing up to 3.5 tons, as well as to sidecars. Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons are only allowed to drive up to 80 km/h on Slovenian roads.

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Expressways: How fast can you drive in Slovenia?

The speed limit on Slovenian expressways is 110 km/h for vehicles without trailers and motorhomes under 3.5 tons.

If you are towing a trailer (caravan), the permitted speed drops to 100 km/h. For vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons, the maximum speed on expressways is 80 km/h.


What maximum speed is allowed on the motorways in Slovenia?

The maximum speed on Slovenian motorways is 130 km/h for vehicles without trailers (cars and motorcycles) that weigh less than 3.5 tons.

For vehicles with trailers, the maximum speed is limited to 100 km/h. Motor vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons are allowed to drive a maximum of 80 km/h on a motorway.


How fast can you drive at night in Slovenia?

The permitted speed at night is no different from the daytime limit. However, make sure that your headlights are always on, regardless of the time of day. Violation of this law carries a hefty fine.


How much does speeding cost in Slovenia?

According to the official fine table, the penalty for a speeding violation depends on how many km/h you were above the speed limit. Minor violations are usually punished with a fine of between 50 and 250 Euros.

For serious violations, such as excessive speeding, fines can range from 500 Euros to 1500 Euros.

For example, if you are driving 20 km/h too quickly, you will have to pay 80 Euros. However, if you are caught driving 50 km/h or more too quickly, you will be fined at least 500 Euros.

In the worst-case scenario, your driver's license can be confiscated for up to three months. Drivers must also expect additional costs, such as court or processing fees.


Are speed cameras used in Slovenia?

Due to an EU agreement, you can still be sanctioned for offences after you have returned home. This usually applies to speeding tickets of 70 Euros or more.


What happens if you are caught by a speed camera in Slovenia?

Speeding offences in Slovenia are caught either by speed cameras or by mobile speed measurements by the police.

Throughout the country, there are several permanently installed radars. Many of these locations are at the borders or at old toll booths.

What to consider when driving a car in Slovenia?

  • Documents: always carry a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and your vehicle registration document.
  • What does a parking violation cost in Slovenia? Always pay attention to where you park your car! Parking violations are punishable by a minimum fine of 40 Euros.
  • Running a red light: it is best to stop at a traffic light when it turns yellow! Otherwise, this will result in a fine of approximately 300 Euros.
  • Mobile phone at the wheel: never use your mobile phone while driving! A violation can result in a fine of 120 Euros.
  • Winter tires: during the annual period from November 15 to March 15, a vehicle must be equipped with winter tires. All-season tires are permitted if they have a minimum tread depth of 3 millimetres.




Does Slovenia have speed limits?

In Slovenia, there are specific rules for different types of roads regarding the speed at which a vehicle can travel. The speed limit is 130 km/h, which applies to motorways. 


What is the speed limit on Slovenia's motorways?

Slovenia has a maximum speed limit of 130 km/h. This applies to the country's motorways. On the expressway, you are allowed to drive a maximum of 110 km/h. On rural roads, the limit is 90 km/h.


How high is the fine if you don’t have a vignette in Slovenia?

If you are caught driving on a toll road in Slovenia without a valid vignette, the fine can be up to 300 Euros.

The amount of the fine depends on how long you have been driving without a valid vignette. If it was less than 24 hours, the fine is at least 40 Euros. If it was more than 24 hours, then the fine is at least 70 Euros.

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