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The European Road 61 in Slovenia

There are currently a total of 250 roads leading through Europe, providing important connections between individual countries.

One of the so-called European Roads is the E 61 in Slovenia. We will look at its route and clarify whether it is considered a Slovenian toll route.

E 61 Slovenia - detailed map and route

A look at the map makes it clear that the E 61 leads from one national border to the other (north-south direction). It is divided into several motorway sections and passes not only the capital Ljubljana but many other cities in Slovenia.

the e61 in Slovenia

Which countries other than Slovenia does the European Road 61 lead through?

The European Road 61 begins in the city of Villach in Austria. After Slovenia, the road continues to Italy and Croatia. Accordingly, the E61 leads through a total of four different countries.

How long is the section of the European Road 61 in Slovenia?

The total length of the European Road is 270 kilometres. If you look at the individual sections of the E61, you will see that about 170 kilometres of it are in Slovenia.

Which Slovenian cities does the European Road 61 pass?

The Austrian-Slovenian border is the starting point of the E61 in Slovenia. Strictly speaking, the road starts near Hrušica and continues through Naklo and Carniola to Ljubljana. The road then continues to the municipality of Divača and, with the E70, leads to the Slovenian-Italian border (Fernetti).

The section after that is no longer on Slovenian but on Italian soil. After the Fernetti border, the road reaches Villa Opicina and then Basovizza and Triste via the Statale 14. It continues across the Istrian peninsula to the Southeast and ends in Pesek di Grozzana (Italian-Slovenian border).

The last part of the connection leads through Kozina and Starod and then reaches one of the border crossings to Croatia from Slovenia (D8 Slovenian-Croatian border).

Is the E61 a motorway?

As a European Road, the E61 is not considered a classic motorway. In Slovenia, however, the road follows three motorway sections. These are the A2, A1, and A3 motorways.

Is the E61 in Slovenia subject to tolls?

The E61 is one of the toll roads in Slovenia. This means that you no longer only must ask yourself the question "Vignette for Slovenia: Where can I buy it?" but also know which routes are subject to tolls.

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